Hello and welcome.  I’m just a penny pincher who has a major interest in all things natural. I enjoy gardening, sewing, amateur photography, documentaries, creating & cooking healthy meals, yoga, basketball, & reading.

Random facts:

  1. I am a die hard sports fan. (Spurs, Patriots, Cardinal)
  2. Reversed Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol
  3. I have no children or pets, but love both.
  4. I have a wicked sense of humor.
  5. I am claustrophobic.
  6. I am a spiritual being. God is inside us all. Namaste.
  7. History buff
  8. Reside in Missouri
  9. Have 2 small tattoos
  10. Loves jazz, classical, neo-soul, soft rock, some pop, and blues
  11. Have read at least 700 books during my lifetime
  12. Against war, corporal punishment, & animal brutality
  13. I also do tax preparation, credit counseling, & weight loss consultations.
  14. Am afraid of the dark.
  15. Am a liberal feminist.
  16. Am a product of a May/December love-my parents are 32 years part.

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