Ylang Ylang Oil

Omg…..I love this Ylang Ylang Oil – Therapeutic Grade Cananga Odorata – 1 fl. oz with Glass Dropper – Premium Select from Essential Oil Lab. I use it in my whipped body butters…..truly makes them smell heavenly. I apply my whipped shea butter with ylang ylang after a warm shower & it makes my skin feel silky & well moisturized. Makes me feel as if I left a spa….like seriously.

I recently discovered all the benefits for it as well. Great for the skin & great mood booster. I add it to my homemade deoderant recipes that include arrowroot powder, baking soda(less is more to avoid alkaline burn), & coconut oil.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. USE SPARINGLY. You don’t want the scent to be over powering.

I’m considering ditching perfumes & just making my own from this , jasmine oil, & a tad of sandalwood oil. Of course I would dilute with a carrier oil.

Great for oil diffusers as well to give home a calm and stress free ambiance.

All questions and comments welcome! Namaste.**

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