Organic Tea Tree Oil & Its Practical Uses

As I have stated in previous posts, I am an avid user of oils. I love this stuff and its one of my favs due to the many ways it can be used. A 4oz bottle is a staple in my home.

I use Radha Beauty Tea Tree Essential Oil 4 oz – 100% Pure and Natural mixed with water in a spray bottle as an all purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaner and sanitizer. I reccommend one full dropper full of tea tree oil per 12 oz of water. You can prepare a half bottle for starters. This mixture is also good for removing mold and mildew from hard surfaces.

Personal Care
I also use it diluted with water as a great and effective mouthwash and I also squeeze a few drops in my homemade toothpaste of coconut oil and baking soda. You can add a few drops of NOW Peppermint Oil, 1-Ounce for that minty fresh taste. I use a very small amount mixed with Bragg’s ACV and water as an excellent and gentle facial toner. (Please moisturize once face dries if you have naturally dry skin.) I put a few drops in my shampoo bottle as well to keep psoriasis of the scalp at bay (mine was really bad before I began using this regimen). I use it on my fiancee’s feet in a foot soak that he loves and after 4 nights per week of tea tree oil foot soak with warm water, his toes look normal and fungus is gone! I also use a few drops in my homemade deodorant mixed with baking soda, cornstarch, and some coconut oil. I am an excessive and smelly sweater and the tea tree oil kills the sweat causing bacteria under my arms so there is no foul odor. Lasts at least 7-10 hours. I used to could not leave house without refreshing my deodorant every 3 hours. Tea tree oil is a god send. One of the best and most potent essential oils period. USE SPARINGLY! A lot goes a long way. I also use a little in laundry to freshen clothes and kill bacteria.

One of the more practical oils and definitely has many uses. All comments and questions are welcome. Namaste.

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