Alkaline Health: Irish Sea Moss Powder

I am transitioning even furthure into an alkaline lifestyle and this powdered sea moss is a great addition to my daily smoothies. Irish Moss Powder Organic – Chondrus crispus, 4 Oz,(Starwest Botanicals)

is packed with many vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to function properly. I prefer this organic powder form over sea moss in its original form because it has to be soaked before using and doesn’t have a long shelf life.

I make fruit smoothies daily with coconut water or milk. I include chia seeds, bladderwrack powder, collagen powder, ginger, and this awesome Irish moss powder. A lot is not needed. I use about a teaspoon. No more. If you use a decent blender and don’t add too much, IT WONT TASTE like the sea. I promise. A lot isn’t needed. Very concentrated and powerful supplement.

If you are new to sea moss, it will detox your gut and bowels initially. You ARE going to go. Do not be alarmed. Drink plenty of spring water while using this for increased healing, detoxification, and alkalinity.

I would strongly suggest eliminating pork, red meat, and heavy dairy usage while supplementing this in your diet.

An alkaline diet can reverse disease and many ailments if consistent. Disease cannot live in alkaline body. Research it. Dr. Sebi’s Youtube videos has great information.
** Any comments and questions are welcome. Namaste** 😊

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