The Holistic Journey-Please Join Me

Hello visitors! I’m Fran the Frugal Amazonian & I’m excited to take you onto this journey about transitioning to a natural & more healthier lifestyle all the while saving money. I’m an avid Amazon shopper & its where I get all my holistic & natural goodies.

I’m heavily into skin care, organic herbal teas, essential & carrier oils, & try to consume an organic vegan diet as much as I can. So most of my posts will center around those themes.

Two years ago I was so unhealthy it was embarrassing. The sad part is that I was totally oblivious to my rapidly declining health. A random trip to my primary care physician changed all that. My doctor proceeded to tell me that I was suffering from type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, acid reflux, & the fact that I weighed around 300 lbs didn’t help anything. The excess weight often caused me lower back pain, knee pain, & shortness of breath. When the doctor told me that if I didn’t quickly begin to incorporate some major lifestyle changes that I could be looking forward to heart disease and an early death……that was my wake up call.

I immediately began walking a few times a week until I progressed to everyday. It was some what difficult at first, but hey what isn’t? The super hard part was changing my diet. I was used to mounds of junk, fried foods, carbs, meat, & meals heavily seasoned with salt. Comfort food if you will.

I first eliminated pork & red meat, then chicken & turkey, & finally seafood. I gave up soda slowly as well as junk food, dairy, white starches, white sugar, salt, & sugary juices. It took  2-3 weeks for my palate to adjust, but after a while fruits & vegetables tasted delicious. Pinterest was a gold mind for vegan recipes! I was excited about trying new foods that I abhorred initially or never tried before. Along with all of thoses great changes, I also ditched cigarettes. Yae!

Eventually I lost 75 pounds, reversed all the ailments that the doctor diagnosed(yes its possible), & started finding health conscious friends to mingle with & swap ideas. I ran into someone who recommended alkaline eating. I never looked back. I make my own organic deodorant, mouthwash, skin & hair moisurizers & hopefully by the time you finish looking through my blog, you will want to transition also.

My discoveries have sickened me to say the least. A lot of toxins, pesticides, & fillers that are found in a lot of modern day products & foods lead to increased risk of various cancers & debilitating, often time deadly, diseases. Often time a doctor will prescribe a medicine to make unpleasant symptoms cease. It’s just a temporary fix & not actually addressing the root of the problem. Eating & living healthy is a lifestyle change that never ends & oftentime can reverse ailments that we otherwise would “need” medicine for. Change what you you put into your body and ON it and you will see major problems ellimate.

I wish to continue learning and transitioning, all while being frugal, while sharing my acquired knowledge with someone who may find it helpful. If I can make the transition, trust me, anyone can. Blessings and great health to you all!

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